As a Member of BCTGM a Retiring Card entitles you to a leave from work due to


  • Layoff
  • Sickness
  • Maternity Leave
  • Leave of Absence


If you are off work due to any of the above you will not be required to pay Union Dues during your leave. You must contact the Local 264 Office. You can use the confidential contact form here on the website or call the office. Informing the Local 264 Office is YOUR responsibility, your Steward cannot do it for you.


Please Note:

You can only take out a Retiring Card in a month in which you have paid dues. 


Dues are calculated by the calendar month, so if you work in a month, even just a portion of that month, then you are responsible to pay dues for that month.

  • Tell us the dates you left work & returned to work. Include Day Month Year.