Your workplace should be free of fear and discrimination. Unfairness in the workplace based on age, gender or ability is addressed by your Union. They will negotiate for accommodations for a disability, they will educate employers about equity for all, regardless of age, gender, race, and other factors. Your Union will empower workers, thereby preserving and promoting their dignity. 





Your union is your voice on the job. Ensuring employers protect employees, and adhere to provincial and federal worker legislation.

Communicating with the employer, handling grievances, negotiating, and getting sound legal advice are some of the tools and methods our Business Agents and Business Managers use to work for you.


Union workers earn 25 percent more pay than nonunion workers, they are likely to receive health care and pension benefits than those without a union. Unions build power for working people; coming together can bring about workplace improvements without fear of retaliation.




Fair Wages

Your union will negotiate good benefits, wages, and retirement security. Often, it is the voice of the union that ensures wages and benefits keep up with the cost of living.


An organized workplace can win protections against workplace hazards and provide stronger rights for workers. Your voice, brought forth by the union during collective bargaining, will be heard, and your safety and health in the workplace will be maintained.